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Parental Care Essay

It cannot be denied that the development of the society has affected greater or less our lifestyles. Unfortunately, many parents have too little time and pay less attention to their children than in the past. Therefore, the inevitable result is that their kids will suffer. In the first place, people living in a modern world seem very busy with their work. They do not have time to look after their children, so they send children to school, where teachers are required to take responsibility for bringing up children instead of parents.

Unfortunately, in some families, children only see their parents only in the evening. They do not have chance to talk or share thoughts and feelings together. According to a recent survey, a child who receives much attention from parents will perform better at school than a child who does not. For that matter, caring for children is necessary for their development. Besides, there are many other factors making parents concern less about their children.

Indifference from parents can result from realizing that children are very bad-behaved, or being too disappointed when children get low marks at school. Seriously, in some cases, they hit children, losing the trust from them. Therefore, children are highly likely to commit crimes like robbery or be involved in drug trade. All things considered, I hold the view that children are less looked after by parents than in the past. It is my strong belief that parents should do something to secure a better life for their children.

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