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Parent governors Essay

Parent governors are elected by parents / guardians of pupils that attend the school. If there is a vacancy parents are asked to nominate fellow parents, if more people are nominated than there is vacancies an election takes place. Staff governors Staff governors are in most schools and are appointed by support staff that work at the school. If they leave the school they cannot continue being staff governors. Teacher governors Teacher governors are elected by other teachers at the school.

They must be permanent members of staff, again if they leave the school they cannot continue being a teacher governor. Community governors Community governors are people who live or work locally to the school and are chosen by the governing body. They are people who are committed to helping towards the success of the school. Foundation governors Foundation governors are chosen by foundation, voluntary aided or voluntary controlled schools.

They represent the church or voluntary trust that set up the school. They have a responsibility to make sure the school is following the beliefs of the trust or charity. Sponsor governors Sponsor governors are people that have given financial assistance or services to the school. Head teacher The head teacher is a governor because of the post they hold. They do not have to accept the post but if that is the case the position stays open for them.

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