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Papacy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Crisis Papacy

The Middle Ages (1154-1485) was an era in European history when the western part of the Roman Empire began to break into smaller and weaker kingdoms (http://encarta. msn. com, n. d. , n. pag. ). It was also a “period of massive social change, burgeoning nationalism, international conflict, terrible natural disaster, climate change, rebellion, resistance and renaissance” (James, 2006, n. pag. ). Two of the most important events in the Middle Ages were the Black Death and the Crisis of the Papacy. The Black Death The Black Death (1347-1350) was considered as “one of the worst natural disasters in history” (http://www. insecta-inspecta. com, n. d. , n. pag. ). It was an outbreak of the bubonic plague, a bacterial disease…