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Palmolive Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Comparison between Colgate and Close Up

Colgate Sparkling White Cinnamint toothpaste is one of the newer cinnamon-flavored toothpastes on the market. Colgate knows it must compete with the long-reigning cinnamon toothpaste, Close-Up. How does Colgate Cinnamint compare to Close-Up? I put it to the test and will give you the results right here. First of all, I’m fond of cinnamon (real or artificial) and so I’ve always been fond of cinnamon flavored toothpaste. I like mint toothpaste too, but I frequently buy cinnamon-flavored toothpaste such as Close-Up. Until two weeks ago, Close-Up toothpaste has been the only cinnamon toothpaste I had ever tried. Colgate Sparkling White Cinnamint was a pleasant surprise. Here is how the toothpastes compare. Taste Close-Up toothpaste has a slightly different, more candy-like…