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Palestine Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Palestine Liberation Organization

Palestine is a historic region in the Middle East comprising of Israel and the Israeli occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Palestine Liberation Organization, a political entity, had been attempting to establish a separate state for the Palestinian Arabs. In the year 1948, Israel was created in that region. This emergence of the Israeli state and subsequent wars between it and several Arab countries, served to displace a large number of Palestinians. In the year 1964, the Palestine Liberation Organization or PLO was founded, in order to represent the demands of Palestinians for the creation of a separate state for them. At that point in time, Arab military forces were singularly unsuccessful in defeating Israel, in the Six Day…

Israel and Palestine Issues

The issues between Palestine and Israel originate in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The list could drag on and on about what exactly they are fighting about but most of their issues are somehow related to land and property. To this day they can’t come to an agreement on who owns Jerusalem. That has been a touchy subject for ages. Israel is also worried about their settlements they have created since the Six Day War and what will happen to them if and when a peace treaty is defined. One cause of Palestine’s’ fury has to do with the refugees which occurred from the Israeli War of Independence in 1948. In brief, these two countries’ conflict is long…

Palestine and Peace

The peace situation in the Middle East has been very contentious. Palestine, particularly, has been very violent. The nation of Israel has been in constant fight over the Palestinian territory. Up to a certain degree, even civilians have been affected; through the wars and the conflicts going on in different areas in Israel and the Palestinian region. Although Israel found itself against most of the Arab nations in the world, it was able to survive the difficulties of the region through the help of its allies, particularly, the United States of America (Dershowitz, 2004). Ironically, through the involvement of the US with the affairs of Israel in the Middle East, it earned the ire of a number of Arab countries…