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Paleolithic Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Paleolithic period

In the Paleolithic period, all the tools used by human beings were made of stone. The tools were useful to their hunting and gathering lifestyle as agriculture was yet to develop. Paleolithic art was hence characterized by wild animal drawings and paintings that was mostly done in caves. The animals depicted in the cave art might have been a source of food, sacred or used for pre-hunting rituals since most of those caves were located in uninhabited areas. Sculptures of the animals that existed in that era were also carved. The Neolithic period saw the introduction of metal tools to complement stone tools, human settlement into communities, agriculture development and domestication of animals. As a result, several drawings have been…

The Difference Between the Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras

Abstract This paper will discuss the differences between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic eras. The scope of the discussion will center around the “human” experience. The discussion will draw comparisons and contrasts of how humans adapted to their environment and how they worked to improve their day to day lives. The discussion will also reveal how the humans saw their environment through their use of tools and art. This paper will also discuss how and what events precipitated the change from the “hunter-gatherer” of the Paleolithic to the farmer and animal domesticator of the Neolithic period. Introduction Webster’s defines the term “lithic” as “stoney or made of stone” (Merriam-Webster, 2014). So Paleolithic would be the old or early Stone Age….

Cultural Evolution of Early Filipinos

Cultural evolution of the early Filipinos Through archaeological records and extensive researches, Historians believed that during the Pleistocene Epoch, the first settlers of the Philippines . Pleistocene Epoch The first settlers of the Philippines came from the present-day islands of the Malay Archipelago when sea levels were lower, creating land bridges to the Southeast Asian mainland. These Paleolithic Hunters May have followed herds of wild animals across these land bridges to the Phil. Islands. Some of these early migration were made by the ancestors of the present-day people of the Aeta and Agta tribes. Some western historians assume that the aborigines of the philipines were the Autralo-melanesian people who are distinctively small with dark skin and curly brown hair. They…