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Palawan Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Deteriorating Relationship between China and Philippines

The South China Sea is the world’s largest sea. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it covers 1,148,500 square miles. In the last 2,500 years mariners for Malaysia, China and Indonesia navigated the South China Sea to trade sandalwood, silk, tea and spices. Today it carries roughly a third of the world’s shipping and accounts for a tenth of the world’s fish catch. China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines all have 200-mile coastal economic zones in the South China Sea. All of these countries also claim the Spratly Islands which are in the middle of the sea. About $5.3 trillion of global trade passes through the South China Sea each year, $1.2 trillion of which passes…

International Relations: Philippines and China on the Spratly Islands Issue

For decades, the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, now called as the Philippine Western Sea in the Philippines, has long been debated by its claimants: Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines (Baker, 2004). Among all these states, the most active and significant actors are the Republic of the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China. There are several reasons for the dispute: (1) the presence of natural gas and oil in some parts of the territories, (2) potential profit for commercial fishing1, (3) potential profit for commercial shipping2, and (4) extension of continental shelf claims – expansion of territory and a boost in the country’s sovereignty3 (Joyner, n.d.). The Spratly’s issue has always been crucial…

Puerto peincesa

This Case Study is about Puerto Princesa, Palawan nature based attraction. The case study is being made for having a broader knowledge about their weaknesses, strengths, community, sustainable place, and any other terms relating to tourism. Come up with a hypothesis, methodology, results, analysis and conclusion. Resolve or give suggestion, recommendation for the negative results that will be shown in this case study. Introduction: A tour and research has been done for this case study. Experiencing their place, to feel their place for the case study to be more realistic and having a wider knowledge about Puerto Princesa, Palawan to come up with a possible reccomendation. PUERTO PRINCESA, PALAWAN “The last frontier of Southeast asia” Puerto Princesa City, a tropical…