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Package Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Importance Of Packaging Of A Product Towards Attracting Female Consumers

One of the first things that interact with a customer is the packaging in which a product is stored in. The package is the immediate and the first interface that comes into contact with the customer. Much of what the producer has made is communicated through the design of this package. Historical research shows that the importance of packaging as a part of the marketing strategy cannot be undermined and that it is no longer valid to consider the package as a mere element of the product – it has an entire marketing appeal associated to it. The appeal of the packaging is immense: it can either attract the consumer or lure them away. Basically speaking, the package is the…

Tour Operator

Investigate the tour operations sector of the travel and tourism industry Defining the tour operator is a far from easy process because their role, activities and form have changed dramatically from the early days when Thomas cook first organized a package trip by rail in the 1840’s. One useful approach is to identify what a tour operator does as a means of establishing their characteristics and form. In simple term a tour operators will organize, package together different elements of the tourism experience and offer a package, also known as an inclusive tour, it will normally have to include at least two elements that are offered for sale at the inclusive sale price, and will involve a stay of move…