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Pacific Ocean Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Origin of Oceania and Tradition

The Origin and the navigational techniques used by islanders to travel over large Open Ocean has given question to academic writers, on how the islanders are able to travel and settle in this remote part of the earth. Pacific Islanders used traditional navigational knowledge to travel against storms and current on Pacific Ocean over past centauries, by using canoes. This essay will discuss the two theory of migration with archaeological evidence of origin, the traditional techniques of navigation shared by Steve, and it will state, why and how the ancient navigation is more favored than modern navigation. There are theories that explain how Pacific islanders had settled over the years by people who came to our region at various times….

Transcendentalism In Cast Away

In the film Cast Away the main character Chuck Noland begins as being with being obsessed with working and time and is definitely not a transcendental person. Chuck Noland works as an employee of FedEx and he travels very frequently as part of his job. While traveling, his plane crashes somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and he washes ashore on an island in the middle of nowhere. At first he tries to fight nature and gets very angry and frustrated because he is having trouble trying to survive, you see this after he continuously fails at hunting and hurts himself while trying to making a fire. As he continues to spend more time on island you see that he starts…

Isolationism, Intervention, and Imperialism: Assignment

Monroe Doctrine: statement issued by President James Monroe stating that the Western Hemisphere was off limits to further European intervention Intervention: involvement by a foreign power in the affairs of another nation, typically to achieve the stronger power’s aims Sphere of Influence: an area or region over which a country has significant cultural, economic, military, or political influence Isolationism: policy of refraining from involvement in global affairs Expansionism: policy of growing a nation’s physical territory or political influence Imperialism: policy of creating colonies in weaker nations in order to generate raw materials and have access to new markets Turner’s Thesis. – An idea advanced by historian Frederick Jackson Turner that argued that Americans should seek a new frontier, one in…