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P1 Outline the responsibilities of the levels of government in the UK Essay

Government Department
Ministry Of defence

This department has responsibility for the British Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. This department is regulated by the Secretary of state for defence and three other junior Ministers, specifically the Minister of State for the armed forces, the under-secretary of state for defence and Minster for Veterans. The Ministry of defence’s job is to decide the policies and earning for all three armed services and decide budgets to. Ministry Of Justice

From charge to release the ministry of Justice is responsible for the courts, prisons and Probation Services. The Home Office

The Home office has a prime responsibility; they are responsible for civilian services such as the passport and Immigration service, drug policies and the Police. Department Of Communities and Local Government

This department is responsible for The Uk’s fire and Rescue service. It is regulated by the secretary of state for communities and local Government and Numerous junior Ministers. The departments job is to allocate the local Government with supply’s to fund the Fire and rescue Service. The Department also improves the Rescue national policies and priorities. On the other hand this department is also responsible for local government although it’s non-uniformed it is still a necessary service. Department For Health

This department has responsibility for the national Health Service. They are responsible for the Ambulance service to. Independent Police Complaints commission

This department deals with complaints within the Police service. There responsibility is to carry out investigations on serious matters. Some of the complaints made might be related to incidents involving death or injury, police corruption, police racism or perverting the course of justice. HM Revenue and Customs

This department is responsible for collecting taxes it also has responsibility for the customs and exercise service. Inspectorates and HM inspectorates

To ensure the even running of particular public services the government has given this responsibility to the HMI The defence Vetting Agency

This agency carries out national security checks its responsible for checking anyone who joins the Armed services, civilians who work with the Ministry of Defence, civilian contractors or any other checks in government departments. Quality Care Commission

This department’s responsibility is to make sure all health care and social care including private healthcare in England is met to the quality standards required and that patients are getting the care they expect.

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