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Oxford Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Oxford Guide to British and American Culture

I would like to talk about the culture dictionary, more specifically about the Oxford Guide to British and American Culture. The importance of such dictionaries became unquestionable when the culturological approach to the study of languages appeared. This approach means the unity of the language and culture. To acquire a language, a person should have the knowledge of special features of communication, behavior, people‚Äôs mind, habits, values, traditions in the country which language he/she learns. Surely, the history and specific features of the particular country are embodied in its language. A language is a part of a culture. So the more you know culture of a particular country, the more you understand its language. In the most of dictionaries you…

Oxford brookes Rap Guide

The word limit for your Research Report is 6,500 words. Oxford Brookes University recommends the following structure and approximate word distribution for your Research Report. We believe that this will allow you to demonstrate all of the required technical and professional skills, and graduate skills in sufficient depth. It is important to note that words included in tables within the body of the report are included in the word count, appendices including financial statements are not included in the word count and the list of references is also not included in the word count. TITLE PAGE CONTENTS PAGE PART 1 – Project objectives and overall research approach – 1,000 words The first part of your Research Report ‘sets the scene’…