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Outline of your first main point Essay

Develop a detailed outline of your first main point. (For assistance with your writing skills, check out the Ashford Writing Center at

1. The Constitution:

a. Provide a topic sentence that briefly describes one strength and one weakness of the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution has its strengths and weaknesses. What makes the US Constitution great is that it’s solely based upon the will of the people which is backed up by the Bill of Rights. However there are some flaws within the Constitution and that is the government being weak in interpreting the constitution. They do not uphold the constitution and what it stands for and it’s being misused to suit their needs.

b. Provide a topic sentence that recommends one option to maintain the strength and one to correct the weakness. In order to build the strength and also correct the weakness of our constitution is to enhance utilizing checks and balances.

2. Scholarly Support: (For assistance with your research, see the Tutorials provided by Ashford University’s Library at, the APA Style Aid at, and Annotated Bibliographies at for additional help.)

a. Provide two sources in APA format to support your main points. John, C. (2011). DIVIDED WE FALL: THE CASE AGAINST DIVIDED GOVERNMENT. International Social Science Review, 86(3/4), 166-174. Yeselson, R. (2014). James Madison’s worst nightmare: today’s Republicans have become the very kind of obstructionist faction–with apocalyptic politics–that the primary author of our Constitution warned us against.

The American Prospect, (1), 18.

b. Briefly discuss how these sources support your main points. Divided We Fall supports my main points because it touches on the separation of powers and how checks and balances are crucial for both our government and country. James Madison worst nightmare supports my main points by how the government is portraying weakness by not abiding by the constitution

c. Briefly evaluate your sources for bias, validity, and reliability. Both articles are unbiased and are reliable because they have gone through a peer scholarly review.

Essay Topics:

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