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Outline of the Nayar of India Essay

The Nayar are a matrilineal society that resides in southwest India. They have a unique social organization and culture. Their extended family is among foraging bands, and are formulated of a nuclear family is the basic unit of production and consumption. Culture and religion is one that is serious and all people living under the political jurisdiction are required to follow the state religion. When it comes to kinship, class prearranges children marriages in order to maintain land, wealth, and power within the group.

There is still division between the roles between men and women. Men still considered women, inferior and restricted to the household and men are superior and more intelligent. Today life for the Nayar of India is changing the roles of men and women, with technology rising in communities and becoming more educated women are now leaving their homes for employment. As times change with new technology, the people of Nayar never forget the importance of religion and family.

I. Beliefs and Values
1. Family
2. Culture
3. Religion
II. Kinship
1. Children
2. Ownership of land
3. Marriages
III. Gender Relations
1. The roles between men and women
2. Duties portrayed as a community
3. Changes in gender responsibility

Nowak, B., & Laird, P. (2010). Cultural Anthropology. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education. Religion and International Relations

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