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Our Duties to the Environment Essay

Technology, unfortunately, has two-faces; while it can aid the human race in easing tasks, curing countless diseases, and even lengthening life spans, it can also destroy the earth and its inhabitants. There is much good to be said about the development of the human race when it comes to technology, but it cannot be denied that insofar as Mother Earth is concerned, there were countless of damages inflicted through the process of development.

There is a need to evaluate the costs and problems that will be met whenever new developments arise, as well as find means to finally minimize these problems. In order to come up with the information on how such problems may be minimized, there needs to be an analysis of the literature regarding such issues (Pojman and Vaughn 895). Despite the fact that various literature has been written about the problem, the human race cannot escape the fact that they might have not done enough to address such issues.

Our Duties to the Environment shows that in order for such problems to be solved, there is a need for humans to acknowledge the fact that technology and development can cause as much harm as good to everyone. Work Cited Pojman, Louis, and Lewis Vaughn. “Our Duties to the Environment. ” The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader in Ethics and Literature. , Louis Pojman and Lewis Vaughn. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006. 893-895. Print.

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