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Osama bin Laden Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Justification of Humanities

The humanities have been studied since ancient Grecian times as an academic discipline, examining human condition and including the arts, literature, philosophy, history and some social sciences. In 2008, nationally recognized and respected literary theorist Stanley Fish wrote a New York Times article in response to a New York State Commission on Higher Education report in which people posted complaints that the humanities are always the last to be financially funded. Fish sums up his argument with an insulting conclusive statement: “To the question ‘of what use are humanities? ’, the only honest answer is none whatsoever”. He backs up this claim by pointing out the lack of tangible evidence that is produced by humanities compared to science and other…

Osama Bin Laden’s Strategy

What were Osama bin Laden’s intended strategies in response to the “Arab Spring and why did he consider it a formidable event?” In response to the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protest (both non-violent and violent) throughout the Arab world, Osama Bin Laden wanted to reevaluate how Al-Qaida as a whole conducted their operations within the Muslim world. Osama Bin Laden viewed Al Qaeda’s in ability to attract followers as a weakness, “He believed that a media campaign should be launched to incite people who have not yet revolted and exhort them to rebel against the rulers”, (Lahoud et al. 2012, 3). By avoiding joining political parties and focusing on combat operations, for example in Afghanistan the Taliban were “weakening”…