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Orientation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Hermeneutical Orientation

In the context of Paul Ricoeur’s fervor with regard to the issues that revolve around religion, he is most famous in the idea that the perception on religion is wide-ranging hence contains distinctive appropriation on the light of Husserlian phenomenology which tends to seek on structuralism as well as with linguistic analysis. As stressed in his book Figuring the Sacred: Religion, Narrative and Imagination—he already gave out his standpoints on what he has seemingly observed as humanistic and societal problems on the verity of religion. Further, it is evident that in the midst if his intellectual pilgrimage in scribbling with the aide of is own convictions, he ahs tremendously exhibited a generosity of spirit and a rather steadfast sagacity over…

The topic of sexual orientation

The topic of sexual orientation has been attracting controversy for the past couple of years. In the past, it was even considered as taboo to talk about sexuality. However, times have changed. Now there are many television shows that feature openly gay men and thousands are watching. This paper aims to discuss how sexual orientation as a notion came into being and how it was viewed through different cultures in history. What does the phrase “sexual orientation” mean? The American Psychological Association defines the phrase as such: “Sexual Orientation is an enduring emotional, romantic, sexual or affectional attraction to another person…Sexual Orientation exists along a continuum that ranges from exclusive homosexuality to exclusive heterosexuality and includes various forms of bisexuality…

Blackboard Student Orientation

The Blackboard Learning System is the wide-ranging and adaptable electronic-learning software platform built up for educationalists to improve their instruction and learning experience by means of the Internet. Blackboard operates using either Netscape or Internet Explorer. The browser must accommodate both JavaScript and Java. Institutions around the world are now using Blackboard to enhance conventional classroom education and convey superior distance training (Jafari and Sheehan, 2003). The platform has been refined through three years of continual innovation and feedback from its user base. Students can access their courses remotely if they do not have computers at home through their institution’s computer center or at pubic libraries that have a web connection. To access the course, a student must have a…