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Organized Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Observation Sheets

1. Old fire extinguisher in office area. (Fire regs.) 2. no fire alarm system in office and ware house 3. Heaps of PPE on the ground obstructive entrance to fire extinguishers and moreover fire exit. (Fire regs.) 4. Remove rods of steel being used as doorstops in office area (Tripping hazards). 5. Various tools and equipment of outdoor work put away nearby office zone and beneath counters. (PUWER). 6. No correct dispenser placement and no hand wash area near office. 7. Old printer and cartons of printer paper left on floor and right next to fixed electric heater, (Fire and manual handling regs). 8. A number of mobile chargers under office chair with tangled cables. Also connected to the power…

The nature of cybercrimes

The Internet has undeniably revolutionized numerous aspects of our daily lives. It has helped in facilitating many of our transactions as well as enhanced several business processes of organizations. However, this tool for progress may have unavoidably also imparted some of its important characteristics to potentially damaging acts known as cybercrimes. With our society’s increasing reliance on the Internet infrastructure, individuals must become aware of the importance of understanding the nature of such cybercrimes. The following sections will summarize key points in an article discussing the subject as well as provide a critical analysis of its success in this objective. Key Points of the Article Williams (2001) in his article “Organized Crime and Cybercrime: Synergies, Trends and Responses” analyzed some…