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Organizational Theories Response Essay

The different levels of law enforcement agencies all revolve around theories. The theories that are associated with law enforcement are the Organizational Theory, Management Theory. Within the Organizational Theory the departments are out to achieve specific goals. For example an organizational theory of a police department could be to ensure that the juvenile crime rate within specific areas are under control. To ensure that the juvenile crime rates are under control a specific police organization within a community could be tasked with monitoring juvenile crime and activities within the community in effort to bring the crimes committed by juvenile delinquents down to a minimum.

The management theory within law enforcement revolves around ensuring that all of the police officers within a police department and the community are being properly managed. This would include managing all of the police officers within a police department to ensure that you have the right officers in the right areas for the right jobs. The management theory will also help to combat crime because a police commissioner would be able to manage the police officers under his or her charge to ensure that the right amount of officer are in the right places at the right time.

The organizational theory breaks down how our law enforcement agencies are run. Within the different law enforcement agencies every agency is broken down and organized. This gives a structure a chain of command to follow and breaks down the responsibilities within a specific law enforcement agency.

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