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Organizational Structure Presentation Communication Methods Essay

As the manager of Lakeview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, we are now going to propose a new addition to our facility, we would like to propose a new addition of long term care services as well as the short term care services that we are providing know on the inpatient and outpatient basis. The future of the growth of this company, deeply on this new addition to our facility. We will be in need of new experienced workers for areas like therapy, doctors, nurses and counselors that will work with the patients and their families. Communication, will have to be our number one factor to finding the right persons for the jobs, and the growth within the community as well. Our communication should be easy to understand and accurate. Effective communication is important and we should all be on the same page. Leadership should involve good communication, and they should be walking around talking to employees, this way you will see what their skills are in this field and will improve the growth internally and externally.

Effective internal communication should start with having good listening skills, questioning skills as well as feedback. Sharing information with the staff is a good effective communication.  When it comes to internal relationship in the health care setting, the most important person is the patient the one who has the needs that we need to make sure they get. The main reason behind this is because acquisition integration has led to more rigorous examination of support services.

There is also a higher expectation of customer service that we will experience as consumers. The external relationships that must be considered in the creation of this long term care are: state, local and the federal government. Each of these have their own regulations that we need to know and follow. You should also be aware of the consumer advocacy program as well, to make sure that the consumer is getting the best care possible.

We also need to make sure that the proper training and hiring is done as well, with all this being said this is my proposal of the new addition to the facility.

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