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Organizational chart Essay

The company that I worked for years ago that many people are familiar with was Target. I actually worked in different departments at Target such as the fitting room, the women’s department, the men’s department, electronics, house wares, customer service, and cashiering. I mostly worked at the front of the store at the service desk and cashiering. I would help customers with returns and exchanges, provide information, and cashing out customers products through the register. I really enjoyed the nature of the job. I got a sense of satisfaction when I helped customers and other employees if needed. I believe Target runs a functional organizational structure. An organizational structure consists of activities such as task allocation, coordination and supervision, which are directed towards the achievement of organization aims. I really enjoyed working there because Target would focus on certain categories within each store such as the store atmosphere, cash handling, loss prevention/safety and security, customer service, refunds and returns, visual merchandising, training, and inventoried and stock management. With these different categories that they focus on, make the company run smoothly and easy to work for. The Target store I worked, if you followed the rules then you had nothing to worry about and that’s what I did. That ended up with me being there for almost four years. The only reason I left was because I had finished school and got a job managing another company, other than that, I really liked working with Target.

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