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Organizational Behavior Exam Notes Essay

What role did the “Open Work” environment play in the case? Analyze the issues using Chapter 3’s cross-cultural dimensions from the Globe and Hofstede studies, differences in high versus low context cultures, etc. How do you develop a global mindset for this team?

What role did diversity play on this team (ch. 3 and 4)?
What should James do in the short and long-term?
Relate this case to your co-op or study abroad experience.
In the News: Lenovo
In the News
Social Perception
Happiness & Individual Differences
In the News: Google
Job Performance
In the News: Whole Foods
Case #2 Coach K: A matter of the heart
Pretend you are Coach K, what would you say at the press conference? Prepare to give that speech. What is Coach K’s personality profile?
What are Coach K’s basic assumptions about motivation, leading and human nature? Think of a time when someone else (e.g., your co-op manger, your parents/teachers/professors) motivated you to do your best, why were they effective or ineffective? What outcomes should we care about? What are the criteria we should use to evaluate effectiveness? Can we apply the criteria

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