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Organizational Behavior Essay

There are basically three problems identified by Vice President. The first problem is at the Denver facility where customer service problems have aroused due to equipment location problems. This facility is also facing the problem when trucks come to pick up material. The only viable solution to this problem is the restructuring of the entire station. The station needs to be closed for rearrangement of the equipment and for change in the design of the layout of the plant.

The estimated time for this change in the layout would be one month. The procedure would be to first plan the changes and make amendments in the blue prints of the station, and then the finalized plan would be implemented (Chopra & Meindl, 2006). The second problem that was outlined by the Vice President was of the production facilities in the Pacific Northwest, where the performance of the three stations have seen a constant decline.

The basic outline for the solution is to change the strategy of how the stations are working. A new inventory management system needs to be installed at the three plants that are comprehensively integrated with the main system of the organization. Secondly material resource planning needs to be amended according to the requirements (Hugos, 2006).

The third problem was at the Copier rehab facility near Charleston, SC here the workers at the stations are not informed of the consignments that would be coming to them and what type of raw materials would be required hence proper operations management technique implementation is required at the station. The possible solution is to use Operations Management techniques and a close relationship with the suppliers and customers need to be established. This could be achieved with the help of a well integrated online supply chain management system (Chase, Jacobs &Aquilano, 2005).

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