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Organisation’s present and future information technology capability Essay

Conduct a detailed investigation of the organisation’s present and future information technology requirements insofar as they will impact on document production processes. Write a report in which you set out details of your findings. Include details of any information which you were not able to access but which would have assisted you to evaluate the organisation’s present and future information technology capability.


The organization that I’m currently based at comprises of two separate cafes. There is a main site (site 1) where most of the production is produced and then delivered to the second smaller site (site 2). The main site is where the majority of the paperwork is done and the majority of work is also done from there. Site 1 comprises of a desktop PC which is networked to a Point of Sale system at both sites and a printer. There are also email capabilities from the PC. Site 2 consists of only a Point of Sale system and they receive all documentation from Site 1. The only form of communication available is through the telephone. There is a major emphasis with both sites on compliance control such as temperature monitoring, pest recording, maintenance recording, product and menu signage, and cleaning records.

Information Technology Requirements

There could be a number of changes that would improve the communication between the two sites and the running of Site 2. A PC and a printer installed at Site 2 would enhance the efficiency of accessing documents required to fulfill compliance requirements. The addition of email access would also enhance the communication between sites and quick sharing of documents and menu updates. Email would also speed up the process of emailing documents such as maintenance requests, OFI requests, and other related material and provide a resource management system for ordering of paper, ink cartridges, etc. The daily counting of the till could also be instantly processed.

Document Standards

There is a good process in place for the standardization of documents but there is room for improvement. Document standards for menu design and specials boards need to be implemented as there is inconsistency in layout, font type, font size, and punctuation. A standard template for all documents need to be designed with protected areas to ensure consistency and control. A form should also be developed to provide the staff with the opportunity to request alterations. Security measures need to be in place to ensure employees do not use standard documents for non-work related purposes and that privacy legislation is being enforced. There should also be schedualled automatic backups of documents to minimise staff disruption and prevent data loss.

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