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Organic certification Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Wholefoods Marketing Mix

Wholefoods Market Inc. (WFM) has successfully earned double digits revenues over the past 25 years and are today known to be a leader in the organic supermarket industry (approximately $4.7 Billion industry) (Organic Trade Associate, 2014). Their Core Values include: 1) Caring about the community and the environment, 2) Promoting healthy eating and education to our stakeholders, 2) Selling highest quality organics and natural foods available, and 3) Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers (Wholefoods Market, 2014a). The company is steadily ranked one of the top socially responsible businesses and celebrates 4th ranking on Green Power Partnership from Environmental Protection Agency (Wholefoods Market, 2014b) Wholefoods Marketing Mix Product A typical WFM carries over 2,600 natural and organic products that…