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Organ transplant Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Organ Trafficking

1. Definition of organ transaction and black market. Such commercialization of human organs is called organ trafficking. There is clearly a market comprised of people who need money, and people of means who are willing to spend money for organs. It’s a black market, meaning the practice is wholly illegal and secretive. 2. Price of organ Here is the price of each organ in illegal organ transaction. Pair of eyeballs $1525, scalp $607, skull with teeth $1200, shoulder $500, coronary artery $1525, heart $119000, liver $157000, hand and forearm $385, pint of blood $337, spleen $508, stomach $508, small intestine $ 2519, kidney $15000-40000, gallbladder $1219, skin $10 per square inch. Those prices are the average price at organ black…

Sale of Human Organs

Who owns your body? Discussion of the sale of human organs is too often overshadowed by cases of mistreatment, murder, and corruption. Most people fail to acknowledge that such abuses stem directly from the legal bans on selling body parts. Those opposed to a market in organs argue that selling body parts not only threatens the quality of the organ supply but will inevitably exploit people forced by poverty to enter such a market. But the ethical issues about whether people should be allowed to sell parts of the body are not so clear. The usual argument in favor of allowing the sale of not only organs, but also tissues, bone marrow, gametes (eggs and sperm) and even genetic material,…

Heart Transplant

In this paper about heart transplants I will be talking about the operation, and what needs to happen before surgery. Then I will be telling you about the beginning of all transplants and who accomplished it. Then I will talk about what a heart transplant actually is. After that I will tell you what the purpose of a heart transplant is and why we use this procedure. I will talk about the safety precautions and a lot of other dangers, or things that can go wrong in or after heart surgery. Then I will tell you the problems with getting a heart transplant. After this I will describe what transplant rejection is and why it is so dangerous. The next…

Liver Transplant

Organ transplants are some of the hardest surgeries that doctors can do. They require many trained personnel, time, and complicated procedures. Liver transplants are among the most difficult organ transplants that can be done. There are also many risks involved with the surgery and patients must face all of them in order to come out with a new and working liver. According to the American Liver Foundation patients that undergo a liver transplant have a 75% chance of survival after five years. In other words, one in four patients will die in five years due to their new liver. Even for organ transplants, that is a very low chance of survival. Organ transplants tend to be very complex in nature….