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Oregon Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Oregon State Printer

The early history of the people who held the position of state printer reveals how closely tied the position was to the publication of newspapers. Asahel Bush (see photo) established the newspaper the Oregon Statesman, an important voice for the Democratic Party, in 1851 (Oregon Historical Society). He was named State Printer in 1859 (Morrison). Asahel Bush (1824-1913), first State Printer (Oregon Historical Society) Eugene Semple was the editor of the Oregon Herald from 1869-1873, and he assumed the position of State Printer in 1872 (Corning, p. 219). From 1894-1901 (at least), the State Printer was W. H. Leeds. Leeds founded the Tidings, a newspaper in Southern Oregon in 1878 and accepted the nomination for State Printer in 1894 (Larson)….

The Acquisition of the Oregon Territory

In th1840s, a complex controversial mix of economic, political and social factors triggered America to expand its boundaries. Many Americans desired and supported their country to occupy as much land on the continent as possible. These Americans saw profitable economic opportunities in this stretches of arable land, pacific coast ports and others dreamed of settling in this beautiful terrains. They also wanted their country to be a front runner in its rapid expansion across the continent before other foreign nations. These Americans expansionalist desires were the main reason which fueled America to extend its original boundaries and acquire massive territories in the southwest and on the pacific coast as well in Texas and Oregon. This acquisition was the principal objective…

SWOT Analysis for CH2M Hill Strengths

CH2M Hill has many strengths within the company; some of which will be identified in this section. CH2M Hill is a well established brand name with lots of successful Government projects and private projects including the Program Management of the Olympic venues for the 2012 London Olympics. The company has a well defined code of ethics, outlined in “Jim’s Little Yellow Book”, that each employee should follow and an anonymous hotline, The Guideline, to notify the company of observed ethics violations. CH2M Hill is employee owned through an internal common stock market, giving the employees buy-in into policies and procedures (BUS100mottariano, n.d.). The company has a diversified revenue stream utilizing various areas of expertise in several engineering aspects. CH2M Hill…