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Oppurtunities Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Identify Market Oppurtunities Task 2

Executive Summary : BBQfun was established in 2009 by current CEO, Pat Mifsud. BBQfun offers an extensive product range, incorporating both local and imported goods. Since 2010, the increasingly competitive retail environment, technological change, changes in consumer buying patterns and consumer confidence has led to disappointing sales. However, BBQfun intends to return to healthy sales of $11 million in 2012 through building on its organisational strengths, through targeted marketing strategies aimed at key segments and through exploiting marketing opportunities. Currently, BBQfun operates two stores, one in Brisbane (Kenmore), and one on the Gold Coast. BBQfun is seeking business and marketing opportunities that could lead to interstate or national expansion if viable and scalable. Mission ‚óŹ To provide our customers with…