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Operating Systems Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Operating Systems

An example of a Unix system call for process management is the fork() system call. The said system call creates a new process. Thus, we have the notion of the parent and child process and each process generates a process ID (a return value), which is a unique integer. Generally, the new process (child) contains a copy of the address of the original process (parent). Both process will continue its execution after the fork() system call is invoked. The fork() call returns zero for the new process and the nonzero process ID of the child process is returned to the parent process. Shell commands like “echo” simply outputs the results when a system call is invoked. 2. Multiprogramming is a…

Strategies Used by Microsoft

Case Summary Microsoft is the world’s largest supplier of computer software. It has dominant market share of PC operating systems with its Windows system. High barriers to entry prevent significant competition in the operating systems market. The primary barrier is that a large number of software programs must be able to interface with any operating system to make it attractive to end users. It would be extremely difficult for any competitor to create a new operating system and create or encourage the creation of completely new software to compete with Windows. However, the development of Internet Browser programs, specifically Netscape, threatened this barrier, by allowing software developers to create software that could run using the browser software as a platform…