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Operating Plan Essay

We will First Operate in major metro cities, starting with Bangalore, and then Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Goa, Pune, Kolkata, Gujarat etc. After Targeting to these cities, we will try to target the rural India which is almost 70 % of India. How will we promote?

We will promote through ADVERTISEMENT in ONLINE FORUM, SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES, Locally famous Theatres, Souvenirs given to customers, App Stores, android market apps, PRINT MEDIA which is almost read by every other person commonly, like Hindu, Times of India, etc in Bangalore and also some local brands etc. What will be our sales promotion activity?

People would be able to book a whole van for family get together, a birthday party with their movies, buffet lunch or dinner etc all made available in the bus, with some prior booking of minimum 7 days. Also if a school or college wants to show a educational review, or a documentary to their students, the team may take care, go to school and show help them with all things they needed with prior booking. We will be also issuing a pass which will be a three time annual pass in which you can see movie thrice a month with that pass redeeming every time you come. This will be mainly for our day today customers. The annual pass will also contain coupons for free popcorn, or some discount on meal and also some other value added services.

How Will We Sell?

Our main aim is to earn profit with creating a strong customer relationship. We will sell our Tickets through our own website, After some time in long term we will make our own apps in Iphone, android market, Ipad etc. The Timings will be pre decided, and a weeks timetable will also be decided, which will show not only new movies, but sometimes a educational film, and local language films of the city we operate in. Where will we park?

We will park our cinevan in a short distance from our customers place. A max of 1 km far in any locality we decided. We will park somewhere where there is ample of space for vehicles to come and go. This will help in regulating the traffic. We will also take prior permissions for all our places, etc

How will we get our caravan?

We will import in the beginning and then we will try and improvise our team and add some designers who can design our caravan which will be more spacious etc. our current caravan will accommodate around 70 people at a time.

How will Caravan be like?

Caravan will be a bus which will have a same experience as if you are sitting In a multiplex. The Acoustics department will be taken care of and a finest of all will be used there.

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