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Ontology Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Quine’s Ontology

Willard Van Orman Quine’s philosophy mainly tackles ontology, arguing that ontology is relative to one’s conceptual or linguistic framework. Moreover, Quine’s ontological assertions essentially revolve around the question of “what is there? ” inasmuch as ontology attempts to shed more philosophical understanding on the types of entities that exist. His assertions basically seek to identify the existing entities such as whether there are numbers, universals like redness, and mind to name a few. One way to understand Quine’s theory is by citing the Pegasus example. That is, person X may posit the reasoning that Pegasus must be existing in one way or another because to say that Pegasus doesn’t exist requires that there should be that ‘Pegasus’ which is being…

Challenges Through Siddhartha’s Path

Siddhartha is a character in which he searches to find the right way of life through many different paths, which I will be relating myself with. With his decisions, he finds a lot of experiences and varies through the way of life of others. Siddhartha’s life as we know it, is very amusing to others, but not as complete as he would want it to be. Siddhartha’s intelligence, pure spirit, and ability to recognize Atman, gives him a sense of security toward the other Brahmins. His friend Govinda, loves Siddhartha’s every move and gesture which he often tends to make. While he decides to follow him, they go together to become Semanas, but then separate to find their own destiny….

Plato’s “Myth of the cave”

Plato’s “Myth of the cave” is an argument that we can’t be sure we know reality. This story illustrates Plato’s idealism. The objects we see, hear, touch are shadows of the real things. The reason is human beings don’t have a full sense of a real and complete life because of the world. In this story, Plato use a dialog between a teacher and student, it describes a group of prisoners chained inside a cave, sit behind a fire, they can’t see each other or the nature of reality, or the heavens, only able to look forward. The fire casts shadows on the cave wall, which they see and it is the only reality they know. They can’t truly comprehend…