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Online Shopping Essay

It won’t be a wrong thing to say that the present world is a digital world where the world is shrinking day by day on the screen of the Smartphone. People spend a lot more time on internet for fun and work and even now prefer to shop online. But there is a group which prefers to shop from the physical stores.

What is your view?

Is shopping online a better idea in today’s world?


• It is a boon for working people who hardly find any time from the busy schedule to go out and visit the physical outlets for shopping.

• It is just not about buying the luxuries online but now it is a platform where people look to order for groceries and other essential products required in daily life.

• There is a great flexibility to compare the prices when you shop online. You can visit the different websites and can then choose the best deal.

• There is no time restriction when it comes to shopping online. No matter where you are at the home or in office, you can buy from anywhere and anytime.

• When you shop online you can go through the customer reviews to get the idea about the utility and quality of the product.

• There is no headache to deal with the sales people who stay after you and pressurize you to buy products in the physical stores.

• With the help of online shopping it has becomes easier for the people to buy gifts and flowers and send them to their loved ones on special occasions.

No :-

• The first problem definitely is of quality. You cannot touch and see the products before you buy them.

• Online shopping always comes with the risk of insecure online payment and the fraudulent sites claiming to sell genuine products.

• When you buy anything online then there is the compulsion to wait for the products for some days. You cannot get the delivery at the same time.

• The greatest headache in online shopping is of return policies. The return policies are not at all buyer’s friendly. Moreover it is a long and complex procedure.

• People are getting addicted to internet for their each and every need. If they won’t step out of the home for the simple thing like shopping also then they are at a higher risk of confining themselves to the virtual world.

• When you shop online then you have to pay extra as shipping costs. Sometimes the cost of the product is less than the shipping costs.


The coin has two sides head and tail, life has two phases good and bad, everything has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The only thing is that be sensible in whatever mode of shopping you use. If you do then online or physical, all are fine.

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