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Online Billing System Essay

POS, Inventory System, Networking and Web Based System are one of the most useful systems for the company. Nowadays, because of our technologies it’s easy to transfer the different information in different branch of company with the help of our computers and also the system.

Almost all businesses use a POS process. There are many reasons for this. Many businesses have multiple locations. POS can help to automate transactions and it can records all the sales in the organization or we can say it can use it to make transaction easier. Every employee can also see all the transaction that has been made.

Inventory System can be used for transactional updates or it can view all the available stocks and display out of stock products or items. Inventory System can have many advantages and are suitable in availability and display the in and out of stocks products.

Networking’s usually use to connect the POS and Inventory system to all branches of the CreamlineDairy Corporation. Web Based System has many advantages and is preferable in POS, inventory and networking particularly notifying your outstanding sale. The company have been encountering some problem in terms of no link depot and main plant. They want to connect to the other branch, or we can say they want to view their point of sale and inventory system to their entire branch.

The purpose of our system is to let every branch of Creamline be updated to the transactions of sale by the help of networking. The develop system will be a great help to the employee but of course for the manager even if they are not in the organization. Creamline Dairy Corporation located at Unit 701 Prestige tower condominium, F. Ortigas Jr. Ave.(Fromely Emerald Ave.), Ortigas Center Pasig City 1605 Philippines.Creamline’s plant and head office is located at Bldg. 5210, C.M. Recto Highway, Clark FreeportZone, Pampangga.

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