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One Year MBA Program / Two Year MBA Program Essay

1. Students are requested to go through the instructions carefully.
2. The Assignment is a part of the internal assessment.
3. Marks will be awarded for each Assignment, which will be added to the total marks. Assignments carry equal marks.
4. The completed Assignments of different modules should be bundled together before sending it to the Institute in the address given above or it can be mail to us 2 weeks before the commencement of the examination with the roll number and name of the student.
5. Students who have not received the full set of modules may send the Assignments after receiving the complete set of modules of the semester.
6. Case study project is given based on the Elective Subject selected.


1. International Law
What are your perceptions on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Would you like to amend any of the articles or add a new article to the declaration?
2. Strategic Management
Select an appropriate generic strategy to position your printing business unit in its competitive environment (map the environment primarily as a pattern of competitive pressures from rivals, suppliers, buyers, entrants and substitutes).
3. Business English

Essay Topics:

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