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On the sidewalk bleeding Essay

Sixteen year old, Andy Anderson, was found dead 3:00 am in the morning by his girlfriend Laura. Andy Anderson a member of a gang that refer to themselves as the ROYALS recently got stabbed by another gang group the GUARDIANS. This incident took place in a dark alley right in front Alfredo’s, a local corner store. The police think that andy was stabbed around 11:30 p.m. and slowly bled to death. He was stabbed with a knife just below his rib cage. Due to some evidences we’ve gathered at the scene and witnesses we spoke to, we have some major leads on this crime scene. Our first witness was a 32 year old man, luke lucas, who was sorry that he was too drunk to realize that andy was dying.

“ I only wish I would have been sober, I would of been able to help.” He said during his interview. Our next witnesses were two teens, they saw Andy lying down “on the sidewalk bleeding” and wanted to help … until they saw his bright purple ROYALS jacket. The two teens did not want to get mixed up in between these two gangs. We are still asking them further questions on this because we feel that we’re not getting the whole story. This devastating tragic event really shows the extreme dangers of gang violence. When the police saw Andy’s ROYALS jacket that he had taken off, they knew that this wasn’t just a random act of violence, and that this was a planned attack. What a price to pay for being in a teen death, what a tragedy. Police would like anyone with any kind of information with any kind of information to contact 69 division or to leave an anonymous tip for crime stoppers. Andy’s funeral will be held at Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Church in Ottawa Sunday afternoon. Donations are being accepted by the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa in the teen’s honour.

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