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Oliver Cromwell Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Oliver Cromwell and Opinions of Him

Interpretations of Oliver Cromwell have changed over time, from a mass murderer to a hero. These interpretations have changed over time as a result of; -Certain events that affected people; laws etc: e.g. the execution of Charles I and the massacres of Drogheda and Welford etc. -The country they were in and how the people who had most of the power thought of him: e.g. Charles II etc. -What type of person you were classed as: e.g. lord, servant etc. -What religion you were and what experiences that religion have had: e.g. Catholic, Puritan etc. These are the main things that affected what people thought and how they acted towards him. So what did people think of him over times?…

Oliver Cromwell: Hero or Villain

It would helpful to identify who is Oliver Cromwell before affirming whether he is a hero or villain. Citing some popular thoughts about Oliver Cromwell, Peter Gaunt cited, “…Contrary to the popular fancy, it becomes apparent that this Oliver was not a man of falsehood, but truths…An earnest man, I apprehend, may gather from those words of Oliver’s, were there even no other evidence, that the character of Oliver…is much the reverse of that mad jumble of hypocrisies, etc. , which at present passes current his” (18). Based on the available information about his person, his military and political career, and his own integrity, it was quite difficult to established one’s judgment whether Oliver Cromwell was a hero or a…