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OJT Documentation Essay

My first day on housekeeping I feel a little bit nervous because I heard a lot of things about how terror and strict Sir. Jess is. Finally I met Sir. Jess he is the supervisor of the Housekeeping Department he had a strict personality. He’s the one who orient us, he tell us a little bit about him what he likes and what he doesn’t like about an OJT’s personality. He thought us the right procedures in cleaning a Check-Out Rooms.

First we need to start the cleaning from top to bottom to down, He thought us what chemicals and cleaning tools do we need in cleaning. For example in cleaning in the C. R we need the following chemicals like APC, Rox and Lysol we also need the cleaning tools like Scouring Pad, Toilet Brush, Scotch Bright and 2 rags. He also assigned each of us what we are going to clean for whole the week in our morning duties when we arrived in the morning for example Housekeeping Area and Dining Area.

Every morning before he assigned us on what group are we going to be with we had always a meeting with him where he shares his knowledge and experiences with us. He also corrects us when we had errors in cleaning a room, he also checked how we clean a Check-Out Room and if we’re following the right procedures in cleaning a room. It’s really tiring at first but I learned a lot from Sir. Jess and I also enjoyed my OJT in the Housekeeping Department.

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