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Oil spills Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Gulf Oil Spill

On April 20, 2010 an explosion on an oil rig in the gulf of Mexico killed 11 people but also unleashed “the worst environmental disaster in U. S. history”(Center for Biological Diversity). A study I came across when researching this disaster by the Center for Biological Diversity shows us the more than 82,000 birds, about 6,000 sea turtles, and nearly 26,000 other marine animals were harmed due to this oil spill. Not only were animals harmed, but about 2 million gallons of toxins were sprayed into the Gulf at this time which means the water was made even more toxic. Water does not only affect the animals living in it, I am sure you have heard of “the circle of…

Oil spill cases

1. How are the two disasters different? RESPONSE: AN OIL SPILL in Prince William Sound? Never. It will never happen. The channel is very wide and very deep. There are no navigational hazards.’ So the public were led to believe. Unfortunately, on Friday, March 24, four minutes after midnight, the Exxon Valdez, a supertanker carrying 53 million gallons [200 million L] of crude oil, strayed a mile and a half [2 km] off course, ground its bottom over the jagged rocks of Bligh Reef, and ripped gaping holes in its hull. Over 11 million gallons [42 million L] of crude oil gushed out into the pristine waters of scenic Prince William Sound, just below Valdez, Alaska. When the catastrophe happened,…

Split of the MMS: A little too late

In the wake of one of the largest oil spills, and arguably one of the worst environmental tragedies in American history, United States Interior Secretary Ken Salazar declared that he will split the beleaguered Minerals Management Service, the office that oversees offshore oil drilling activities, into two entities, one to lease Federal lands and water areas for the conduct of offshore drilling and the other to concentrate on the inspection and implementation of safety and environmental statutes. Salazar requested for more than $20 million to finance more safety inspections and investigations at the agency, and to allow increased inspection activities to three times more then what is currently allowed. The distressed agency was at the center of an investigation that…