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Ohio Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Great Railroad Strike of 1877

The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 began in the month of July and started off in a town called Martinburg which was located in the state of West Virginia. What lead up The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 was a depression that started in September of 1873. The depression had a hold on the country that included wage cuts, evictions, breadlines, and layoffs. Many Americans suffered for the rest of the year as well as throughout the year of 1874. Even though 1874 was a hard year for Americans it was also the year that the union began to try and demand higher wages for the working class, as well as organize workers and the union even tried to make…

Wil Haygood Paper

On September 12th, I attended the talk with Wil Haygood discussing his new movie “The Butler. ” It seemed that the entire community came together to see Wil Haygood speak that night. The entire gym was filled to see Wil, and you could tell that he was very appreciative. I am really glad that I chose to go to the talk rather than the movie because I got to hear about Wil Haygood’s life and how the movie really came to be. I can always go and see the movie whenever I want, but this was a great chance to see what Wil has to say and listen to him talk about his inspiration behind the book and movie. ODU’s…

Technical Communication

The field of Criminal Justice has many different opportunities to develop good communications skills. There has not always been a direct communication between officers and the dispatch center; there is a long list of inventions, throughout history. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell, invented the telephone, in 1921 the Detroit Police department began experimenting with a one-way vehicle mobile service. In 1933, Bayonne New Jersey Police department used regular two-way communications with its patrol cars. In 1971, Richard Frenkiel and Joel Engel of AT&T applied computers and electronics to make commercial photo, phone service work (telephone history). Now in the year 2011, we have an abundance of technological tools to help in the law enforcement system. It is important to know…