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Offender Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Human sexual behavior

Sexual assault takes many forms including attacks such as rape or attempted contacts or threats. Usually a sexual assault occurs when someone touches you in a way, even through clothes, without that person’s consent. Some types of sexual assault include forced sexual intercourse, sodomy, or fondling and attempted rape. Sexual assault in any form is often a devastating acquaintances, friends, or family members. Assailants commit sexual assault through manipulation, pressure or tricks. Drinking and sexual assault, alcohol is often a contributing factor in sexual assault. A perpetrator may even buy a person drinks to intentionally increase the chances of being manipulate the senses and their judgment. Even if we pick up a danger sign or trust them. Tisa advisable to…

Antisocial Personality Disorder- Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is known to be the worst serial killer in U.S. History. In the 1970’s, Ted raped and murdered women in at least five different states. Bundy eventually confessed to thirty murders, although the actual total remains unknown. Theodore Robert Bundy was born on November 24th, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont to Eleanor Louise Cowell, a 22 year old single woman. Ted’s mom never told him much about his father other than that he was in the armed forces and that they never were really together. Bundy had a difficult childhood and was pretty much an wanted by his mother. After being left in foster care for two months, Eleanor decided to have her parents raise Ted and make him…