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Of Headless Mice and Men Essay

Renowned commentator, writer and psychiatrist, Charles Krauthammer, disapproves of cloning and alteration of the natural course of life in his article, Of Headless Mice and Men (1998). The article was written at the time when the issue on cloning was very contentious due to the cloning of Dolly, a female domestic sheep. Krauthammer stated that utilization of technology has gotten out of control with the production of altered life forms. Moreover, the benefit of cloning cannot pay off the damages it renders to its subjects.

There is an enormous ethical and moral breadth that should be considered before executing such undertakings. The author calls for the need of immediate action from the country’s officials to address this issue. One of the arguments Krauthammer presented was that given the available technology that can be used for the advantage of many such as immortality and recurrence of extinct creatures, human’s perception of the value of life will seem to shrink instead of enhanced.

The author has, therefore, described this whole picture as “high-tech barbarity. ” In animal testing, we see thousands of animal subjects die with only a countable few that survives. In human testing, similar phenomenon is not far from occurring. As much as most of want to improve our way of life, there are regulations that need to be observed. Cloning, if pursued, may provide the needs of people but we cannot say that it will not have detrimental effects to human decency and life. Our history can be a guide to people aiming to alter the future.

There are undertakings from the past that brought the present generation problems that are more vicious than anyone could have imagined. Humans are equipped with reason and knowledge to do as they will, sometimes forgetting about having limitations. Development in every field will not be hindered as long as human minds are functioning. In the end, only those with integrity will have the right to be called humans. Reference: Krauthammer, Charles. “Of Headless Mice and Men”. 1998. TIME Magazine. <http://www. time. com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,987687-1,00. h

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