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Octopus System Essay

In our group’s case study report, we will examine the use of Octopus system in the education sector. Octopus system is a widely used e-Commerce technology in Hong Kong, covering a variety of industries including transportation, retail, restaurants, and more.

Tsung Tsin Primary School is the main focus of this case study. The school uses the Octopus system extensively, integrating into student and staff information, attendance, educational activities, payment, and communications. We will look at how using the system can help achieve the school’s missions.

In order to describe the business case, we will analyze the benefits of adopting the Octopus system in an educational environment, comparing with the traditional methods of performing similar processes. The feedback from Tsung Tsin Primary School has been very positive; however there are associated costs, risks, and challenges. In our case study, we will also discover the potential or existing issues with the implementation and maintenance of the systems.

With personal identification store in the Octopus cards and the server, we also have concerns regarding to the security and privacy of the system. We will analyze the current security measures and suggest changes to enhance the protection.

Finally, we will provide recommendations for extending and further improving the use of Octopus and other e-Commerce technologies in Tsung Tsin Primary School. We will also look at the feasibility of adopting the Octopus system in other types of educational institutes.

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