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Obstetrics Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Evidence based practice in antenatal

INTRODUCTION In this globalization world, the nursing career had become more challenges and competence. IOM Report (2003) title “Health Professions Education; A Bridge to Quality” have recommended evidence based practice (EBP) as one of the integration of core set competencies into health professions education. Now days, EBP is the most popular topic to be talk and written about in nursing, nationally and internationally. Hitherto, nurses at times don’t understand what is EBP and some nurses are even called it buzzword. The latter couldn’t be further from truth. EBP is here to stay and nurses must understand it. Sacket et al (2000) described EBP as the integration of the best research evidence with clinical expertise and patients values. Evidence base practice…

Group Influence

A group is a combination of more than one individual sharing some values, beliefs, or a set of behaviors. Many individuals together sharing a common goal or need is a group of people. People in a group sharing these common things tend to have interdependent behaviors. Each of the members of a group influences the behavior of another. Individuals will tend to react to situations or have specific behaviors in specific situations guided by a reference group view to those situations. Groups of people that influence their selves are members of the same religion, roommates, school friends, workmates, etc. Groups influence their selves in two ways. A group may influence the identity through conformity or obedience. Group influence has many…

Ob Nursing Drug Cards

Generic Name: meperidineBrand Name(s): Demerol| Pregnancy Category: C| Route of Administration: IM, SUBCUT| Drug Category: opioids analgesic| Indication: labor analgesia| Normal Dosage:Labor analgesia Adult: 50-100 mg given when contractions regularly spaced repeat q1-3h prn| Side Effects:CNS: drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, HA, sedation, euphoria, increased intracranial pressure, seizures, respiratory depression, anaphylaxis| Nursing Considerations/Teachings/Interventions: Nursing Consideration: pt should remain recumbent for 1hr after IM/SUBCUT route, inject into large muscle mass May cause fatal reaction: MAOI’s, carbazine Tx for Overdose: Naloxone (Narcan) 0.2-0.8 mg IV, O2, IV fluids vasopressors Assess- •Pain: location, type, character. Give before pain is extreme and reassess 60 mins after dose.•I & O •CNS Cx: dizziness, drowsiness, decreased LOC, euphoria, pupil reaction Respiratory dysfunction Safety measures: •night-light; •call bell within…