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Objectivity Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Media and Objectivity

Human rights activists should always be conscious that the media cannot afford to always be objective for fear of losing audience loyalty. Sensationalisation is a sure tool that the media uses as it seeks to make stories, news, features, and other production appear more appealing to audiences (Sloan & Mackay, 2007). Media-produced information should thus always be subjected to careful scrutiny to establish its authenticity. Media people also have personal feelings that arouse various emotions in them with regard to various news stories and other productions. Further, unscrupulous media practitioners may allow the greed for personal gain to cloud their objectivity, thus accepting financial rewards in return for distorting information to make its appeal to audiences. It is thus very…

The Social Responsibility of Journalism

The following research paper studies the role of journalism in mass madia nowadays and whether the same media holds it social responsibility in the face if its audience or not. Journalists take an important role in the life of all people. I dare say that journalism is one of the oldest and most important professions. It stands in the equal rank with the job of a doctor even. In my RP I put the stress on the role of good and bad journalists living and working around us. To make all the points clear and to have evidence for every single word of mine I bring various examples, quotations, citing them and analyzing at the same time. My RP consists…