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Objectives Project Essay

Project termination can happen for many reason some out of control of the project managers. If the project is successful or not successful you have to ensure that many task are complete to terminate the project. Our project is going to be successful and when the project is complete will be sure that all final task will be closed out properly. There will be a proper termination of the project making sure that it ends effectively and efficient. At the ends of the project the following task must be completed the project will be complete, it will be delivered and accepted by the client, a finalized report will be prepared, all bills will have been paid and invoiced to the client, all resources will be returned to the proper places, all documentation for the project will be stored in the proper manner, and the project books will be properly closed.

The methods that we are going to use to ensure that the project met its objectives is by using retrospectives. While conducting the retrospectives we will evaluate many sections from the project context and descriptions, the project timelines, and evaluations of what is going right and what went wrong throughout the project and how to prevent those issues in the future. By evaluation where the project had issues and coming up with a solution will better provide us an example of thing to avoid in the future. There are six main criteria that will be reviewed to the fullest to determine the success rate of the project. The first criteria is the schedule, was the project completed in the proper time frame if it was not what was the issues that caused the project to take longer to complete to be successful. The second criteria is going to be cost.

Was the project completed under budget, on budget, or over budget and if over budget what was the cause of being over budget. The third criteria would be product, was the product satisfactory and meet the need of the client. The fourth criteria is use, was the project implemented and used for its original purpose and was it function able. Fifth criteria being value, was the project and overall success. The last criteria is going to be learn, what was learned throughout the project, should have there been changes that could have been made to make the project more successful. Reviewing all six of these criteria will ensure that our project was successful on our part and that our client is also satisfied.

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