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Objective Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Dutch Golden age

The Netherlands is one of the smallest countries of the world. Even today, it has a population of only 16 million, a number slightly larger than that of the more populous metropolises of this planet. Despite its tiny size and miniscule population, the Dutch have been a major force in global affairs and have influenced the lives of millions of people in far away lands. Most of this global influence occurred in the seventeenth century, when the Dutch people strode the world stage and made enormous contributions to trade, commerce, art and social life. It was a short period, very specifically from 1584 to 1702 that saw Dutch achievements in art, culture, trade, commerce and economics surpass those of the…

Objective summary for Mk

The Story MK is about a girl named Jean Fritz who lives in Wuhan, China and then moves to America because of the fighting on the Yangtze River. An MK is a missionary kid who goes to another place to spread the culture of that place. Jean is a young girl who lives with her mother and goes to school at the British School. Once Jean reached Shanghai she learned that she would be staying with the Barretts and their son Fletcher. She was glad that she actually had a real family and a real life. Jean loved to read the book “The Courtship of Miles Standish” her favorite character was Priscilla. Jean talked to Priscilla when she had a…