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Nursing Indicators Essay

Nursing indicators are measurable tools used in nursing. The indicators focus on the structure, process of nursing, and the overall patient outcomes of the care received by nurses. The structure of nursing care is based on the education and certifications as well as the skill level the nursing staff has. Process indicators are a way to measure nursing care through assessment, intervention, and reassessment. The overall patient outcomes that are based on nursing indicators are nursing driven. Examples are preventing falls, preventing pressure ulcers with rotating patient in bed, and changing IV’s to prevent intravenous infiltration (Nursing World, 2014). It is imperative to have an understanding of nursing indicators and be used on a daily basis. The nursing indicators could have been helpful in the case of Mr. J. If the Nurse and the CNA had known the importance of repositioning, and preventing pressure ulcers, then Mr. J wouldn’t of had the initiation of the reddened area on his back. Even if the CNA had not had the proper education to recognize the beginning stages of a pressure ulcer.

It should have been communicated to the RN and a proper skin inspection/assessment could have been performed. As well as the patient repositioned frequently. A patient should only be in restraints if they are a harm to themselves or others. Frequent toileting, nourishments, repositioning, as well as removal of the restraints are all nursing assessment and reassessment indicators. If the patient is at a fall risk, generally restraints aren’t used. A big nursing sensitive indicator that is apparent is the satisfaction of the patient as well as the patient’s family. The nurse dismissed the concerns and religious beliefs regarding the patient’s Jewish beliefs. Just because the patient is confused, doesn’t mean its ‘okay’ to dismiss the importance of the specific diet ordered. Nursing sensitive quality indicators are an important part of establishing evidence-based practice guidelines.

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