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Nursery Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Crestwood Hills Cooperative Nursery School

Crestwood Hills Cooperative Nursery School is a non-profit organization that specializes in providing education for pre-schoolers and toddlers with minimal supervision. While they have their own staff comprising of very qualified teachers, they also require active involvement from parents. The school’s job is to support children’s needs with consideration for each child’s uniqueness. Landing on a cooperative nursery school job is basically the same with other nursery schools. An instructor should be a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, as they will be primarily involved in pre-schoolers and toddlers. Also, some schools do require their staff to have some experience before they can be hired. Working in a cooperative nursery school has its advantages over regular nursery schools. The…

Critically evaluate the current status of the setting including policies and practices

Self-reflection is a very important tool to be used in order to keep the nursery up to date with current legislation and to raise service standards. By regularly looking at where we are as a setting we can ensure that we continue to offer high quality education to our children. “Research has proven that self-reflection and evaluation both support good practice within a setting as a part of continual development. Importantly this self-reflection supports good outcomes for children.” (Barber and Paul-Smith 2009, pg.8) We have been using Ofsted SEF to evaluate where we are doing well and assess where we need to improve. “The self-evaluation form is designed to help early years providers to review and improve their practice, so…