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Thesis writing guide

The Centre for Graduate Studies of Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) would like to extend its appreciation to the members of staff who contributed their efforts and ideas in the preparation of this fourth edition of the Thesis Writing Guide. This manuscript was updated based on the third edition published in 2006. The Centre would also like to thank all parties involved in the publication of the manuscript. iii TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE i ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ii TABLE OF CONTENTS iii LIST OF TABLES vii CHAPTER 1 THESIS STRUCTURE AND CONTENT 1 1. 1. Thesis definition 1 1. 2 Thesis structure 1 1. 3 Thesis status declaration 2 1. 4 Viva voce examination panel 3 1. 5 Title page 3…

Camera work in VERTIGO by Hitchcock

For essay option two, I will discuss Vertigo and two ways the camera is used in the film. Although Hitchcock uses the camera in additional ways, for this purpose of this essay, I will cover how camerawork helps initiate an underlying sense of danger in the opening sequence and how camerawork, in the famous dolly-zoom shots, communicates the vertigo experienced by Scotty. Part I will talk about the opening sequence, touching on the first use of the famous dolly-zoom shot. Part II will offer more detail about the dolly-zoom and how the technique reappears twice in the film, expressing Scotty’s vertigo with camerawork. PART I The opening sequence has at least two purposes. One is to prepare the viewer for…

Determination of riboflavin by using UV-vis

1. To determine the amount of riboflavin in children multivitamin tablet. 2. To compare the value obtain of riboflavin with the published value for the tablet. INTRODUCTION: Riboflavin also knows as vitamin B2 that has chemical formula of C17H20N4O6 is the water soluble vitamin that means the body was not stored them and also not produce them, the sources of the riboflavin can found in plants or animals tissues such as almonds, organ meats, whole grains, green leafy vegetables milk and etc. Vitamin B2 is very important to the body cause it is involved in the vital metabolic processes in the human body, and it is necessary for the body growth, also can act as antioxidant in order to prevent…