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NTCM standards Essay

NTCM standards are widely used standards for mathematics in US and many websites are now offering different services which can familiarize a student to the standards and help student to learn the elementary mathematics while having fun also. This paper will present an analysis of the four websites that contain math activities which confirm to the NTCM standards. First Website http://illuminations. nctm. org This website offers different activities such as numbers and operations, geometry, Algebra, Measurement and problem solving etc.

The methodology used by this site is really simple and comply with the standards by providing an easy to learn approach which is basically targeted at improving the number sense of the children. Since this website offers lessons for different classes and as such as the standard improves, the complexity of the mathematical operation increase too. For initial classes like Pre K-2 etc the operations are really simple such as computing, addition, subtraction however, as the level of difficult increases, the complexity of these operations improve too. This website is appropriate for the students from Pre- K-2 to the age groups of 9-12 years.

These activities are important for the students because they assist them in improving their understanding of the mathematics and basic operations. These activities can lead to the achievement of students because they are presented in a very unique and different way and can keep the interests of the students intact. These activities support differentiation of the instruction because they provide a very easy to use tool which is not only simple but also very easy to understand. Students can easily learn them and teachers have the option to make them more fun to learn.

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