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Nstp Reflection Paper Format Essay

Our first deployment in Magallanes Nursery was held on January 21, 2012. Before 8 AM, we arrived at the area to log in for our attendance together with our coordinator who was assigned to monitor us. At exactly 8 AM, we started the duty, which our group was called by the coordinator to be destined in Magallanes Nursery near the coordinator’s office. As what the coordinator told us, first, we cleaned the area where the plants were located. Even though the area was too wide, we were able to clean it even through the corners by sweeping and pulling out unnecessary weeds. Cleaning was made a convenience for us because we were given complete cleaning materials. Before we started, the area where the plants were located was covered with so many dried leaves so we planned to start cleaning the plant’s area immediately.

We distributed our work; the girls cleaned and swept the area of the plants and the boys removed the weeds that surrounded the plants. After cleaning the area, we watered the plants. After doing that for hours, we took our break. After a one hour break, we continued to our duty. The next we did was tasked by our coordinator. It was to transfer seedlings to big plastic bags. The seedlings were mahogany plants. We took the plants from the front area of the nursery and brought it to the corner where soil and sawdust were placed.

In order to complete the task, we needed to mix the soil and sawdust inside the plastic bags and put one mahogany in each bag. It was not easy because we had to transfer the soil and sawdust using the shovel. Aside from that we worked in an area where insects were located, mainly worms. As we worked for 5 hours, we were lucky to have planted 200 mahogany plants. Although it was not easy, we are happy to have done a good work because we helped a lot in our surroundings and made our group as a whole.

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